Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bail-out Schmail-out

Yikes! The US is facing financial collapse and a world recession because their government would not bail out the banking system! Isn't life wonderful. Didn't the stock market predict nine out of the last five recessions? Canada, the biggest trading partner of the US, has offered no solution to this crisis. We are feeling pretty smug since we avoided any financial meltdowns here when the Bank of Canada held back cutting interest rates. Hopefully the upcoming debates this week will discuss the impact this crisis has on all of us. I had a dream last night that here in the western world, as we kissed our houses and jobs goodbye and threw up our hands in futility, the Chinese hordes, shaking their heads at how stupid we were to become so dependent on them, marched grinning through our streets. Reminded me of a scene from War of the Worlds where the Red Weed creeps over the land. Another thought - I was wondering how long before America's new Madonna (read Madame Sarkozy), Sarah Palin, cuts her first album? I have a suggestion for her first song - "Love is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)"....I'm off to the train station to meet Rich . Have a great day everyone - things can't get any worse! gws

Monday, September 29, 2008

Greetings....Monday's child is fair in face and hopefully the sun will shine today but I'm not holding my breath. Outside my window the chatter of a jackhammer breaking stone can be heard as they erect yet another condo downtown. Oh for the peace of the mountains! So what is everyone up to this week? Canada's leaders will be politely going after one another Wednesday and Thursday in televised debates. Should be interesting this time around but the question is who will watch it? I personally like to watch grass grow - on a summer day sipping a cold one with the smells of the BBQ wafting around me. (Now if I can just find out what station is broadcasting it)... Monsier Dion and the Liberals are promising Canadians a more prosperous future. Does that include more "beer and popcorn"? The best line to come out of this past few weeks has been our agricultural minister Gerry Ritz's gaff on the Listeria scare which has killed at least 17 people already here in Canada. His comment referring to the political repercussions regarding the Maple Leafs Food processing plant in Toronto of "death by a thousand cold cuts" was rather callous, but pretty funny none the less. Better to be a witty fool than a foolish wit... Richard is coming in by train from Georgetown tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing him again after 4 months or so. He is still in the glow of becoming a granddad twice this year and it actually looks good on him! Still waiting to hear from the rest of my family on my foray into cyberworld but in the meantime enjoy the photos I am posting today and don't forget to check out my three new sidebars : weather, breaking news and a daily dose of art! Have a great week! gws

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blog updates

Hi again! If you haven't noticed I have added a few interesting sidebars to my blog which you might enjoy. One is Yahoo's Babel Fish which does an excellent job of translating my whole blog into one of any dozen or so languages - at least the French translation according to Marie seemed to be almost bang-on! For your enjoyment in the background when you arrive at the site you'll hear some very relaxing music - Canada's own Andre Gagnon presently but this will change weekly. Then there is the Feedjt Live Traffic Map which shows you and any other visitors location - just click and zoom in! And for those who care a clock of the local time here in Ottawa. Watch for new and interesting things in the coming weeks!! And again feel free to comment on anything you see or read. The picture above is another view of the Appalachians from our driveway, this past summer. Marie and I welcome all visitors so let me know when to expect you! gws

Paul, Kyle and Somalian pirates

Good morning. I didn't list any particular favourite movies in my biography but I would be remiss not to mention "Butch Cassisdy and the Sundance Kid" as being in my top ten. I was 19 when I first saw this flick and it was one of those movies that stays with you, in no small way thanks to the chemistry between Newman and Redford. That by the way worked almost as well when they got together to do "The Sting" in 1973. Another fine person gone...And it looks like plans for the upcoming week to head east may be put on hold thanks to tropical storm Kyle. Marie, Rich and I are planning to drive down to Maine to pick up our cabin (being constructed in Kingfield, Maine) and bring it across the border. How come building and delivering the same thing costs twice as much here in Canada? I even ordered tires for my truck to be delivered to a garage in Farmington, Maine who will install and balance them for $500 less than it would cost me here in Ottawa! And while I am ranting about prices how about two lobster dinners, complete with the fixings (corn-on-the-cob, salad, potatoes, all the butter you can eat and a drink for $37! Take that Red Lobster! Hopefully Kyle will blow through by next weekend and we can enjoy some of that fine Maine hospitality. Mainers have got to be some of the friendliest, helpful and honest people I have ever met. And speaking of Maritimers let's not forget those serving on the Canadian destroyer HMCS Ville de Quebec off the coast of Somalia. Pirates there are making shipping in the area unsafe and yesterday I hear they captured a Russian ship laden with T72 tanks and munitions. Imagine those in the hands of the warlords! Good hunting Ville de Quebec! On that note I hope eveyone's weekend is going well and, no matter where you are, enjoying life. Come back and visit again. gws

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rainy Saturday

Good morning to everyone from Canada's wet capital...can't complain though as it has been a pretty nice summer. Of course I have spent more time away from here than ever working on our retirement property in the eastern townships of Quebec and zipping across the border into Maine for lobster! Today Marie and I are off to IKEA early before the crowds beat down the doors - is there really anything else to compare to that place? I'm sipping my first coffee of the morning as I write this and must thank Phil before I forget for his comments and support which I know he gives wholeheartedly! As this blog unfolds I intend to be fairly broad in my topics - from our present political situation (completely overshadowed by the circus south of us) through the gamut of music, sports, literature and, of course, the WORLD OF ART! I will be adding lots more photos of my work...here comes the sales pitch - offered at a very competitive price. Take time to comment on whatever you read or see and come back often as I will post everyday. Have a great day all my readers and visitors! gws

Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 21260 and counting

Today, September 26, 2008, is the beginning of the rest of my life - so far 21260 days of many happy memories. I have been lucky in so many ways that I won't even try to count them. So instead of listing the thousands of things that come to mind I would rather thank my lovely and loving wife Marie for standing behind me and pushing me to do things I didn't think I could the past 25 years. Then I would like to thank my three children Lara, Christina and Phil for putting up with me and loving me through all the ups and downs. And of course my own parents and family for being there, no matter what. Thanks Mom and Dad Steward, Lyn, Rich, Dee and Carolyn! I love you all! Welcome all to my very first blog and hopefully we can share our stories, photos, thoughts, plans and dreams. And of course I will post daily ramblings for all to read and comment on! So now we begin...gws