Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fun with the Grandchildren, Mother's Day weekend

Mother's Day weekend was spent with the grandkids, enjoying warm spring weather in Montreal. I helped Phil put up some driwall in his kitchen and hallway, while Marie did some work in the duplex upstairs we are again renting out in May, saying goodbye to the tenants of the past three years. Marie stayed the week as she had enough work to keep her busy - painting, sanding and cleaning for the new tenants. I left her with the kids, planning to pick her up at the bus terminal in Sherbrooke at the end of the week. I planned to finish mudding and preping the laundry room while she was there. I will have pictures soon of the completed room, once we have finished painting, laying down tile, grouting, putting up the humidifier, hooking up the washing machine and dryer, toilet, sink and taps...phew. On the way home I stopped off for a few hours to visit with Lara and Joshua, walking down to the river with them after breakfast. Joshua is filling out finally and starting to feel more comfortable with me. Hopefully we can all get together again soon.   gws