Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our Retirement Home Part Thirty-Seven (Pantry & Laundry Room)

Finally after a lot of hard work we have completed the bathroom/laundry room just off the kitchen and living room. Getting the washer and dryer in without breaking the tile was fun and lifting the dryer up in its place upon the washer a real hoot for two old farts like us. Actually the worst part was getting the bill from the company that had to come in and hook up the dryer to our propane system! We also installed a humidifier, an Aprilaire, above the dryer that will vent into the rest of the house as we find it too dry in the winter. The tiles are the same as we will be installing in the kitchen and in the pantry, 24 inch Charisma. We ended up painting it a pretty blue that we thought went well with the colour of the tile. Lastly we installed a sliding door which will match the one we will put up for the pantry. What a relief to be able to get water for the kitchen without running downstairs. Now we have to work on actually getting a kitchen! Marie has decided to tape and mud the pantry, and as she has never done anything like this before I wish her much luck! But I have a feeling I will end up doing it! gws



Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dancing Through the Decades


On the 31st of May we all gathered at the Loyola High School on West Broadway in Montreal to see Amy perform in Dancing Through the Decades, the end of the year dance recital put on every year by the Tyleranne School of Dance. The show was well done and full of energy, the opening number, my favourite song of the year, Uptown Funk, was performed by the teachers setting the mood for the rest of the show. The performances were mostly lively and well executed by the kids from ages 3 to teens and the music was loud and, as the show's name proclaimed, from the 60s to now -  Rock Around the Clock, Last Dance, Brown Eyed Girl, Feeling Good, etc. Yellow Polka Dot Bikini was the song Amy and her 24 other classmates sort of danced in unison to but what it lacked in finesse more than made up in hilarity! 

Amy, 3rd from left


William and Joshua, Old Orchard Pub