Monday, November 9, 2015

Our Retirement Home Part Thirty-Nine (Kitchen Tiles)

The past three weeks I have been busy cutting and laying tile in the entranceway, closet and kitchen, This is a continuation of the large tile we put in the bathroom and pantry in June called Charisma Earth America. There wasn't a lot of cutting required but the few wall edge pieces were all done on my small wet saw. It  was the one I used for the stonework on the patio walls. All it needed was a new diamond blade and the little saw worked wonderfully. I neither chipped or broke any of these heavy 24x24 tiles and in the end had three left over for any future replacement. But first I had to lay down the Ditra uncoupling membrane to reduce any chance of cracks and lay out the most visually pleasing pattern. Basically this ended up as an extension of the bathroom and pantry lines, ending up at the front door. Next we chose a similar "natural stone" but smaller tile for the front of the fireplace and wood storage area to the right. This week I will be installing the ceiling and wall tile in the kitchen. Our order for cabinets is in so we have to push the petal to the metal and get the room ready before the scheduled Christmas delivery!  gws

Laying Ditra membrane over cement floor and around partial island frame

marking cutout for Jenn-air exhaust

positioning tiles

applying unmodified mortar, Mapei Kerabond

applying the grout

finished floor

fireplace front design (Sandstone Grigio tile)