Sunday, August 17, 2014

Relaxing with Mario and Elizabeth, Maine

Marie and I spent  a few days last week in Wiscasset, Maine. Mario had invited us down to meet his new lady friend, Elizabeth, who had rented a large cabin along the Sheepscot River on Westport Island, just east of Bath. We knew the general area of this part of the Maine coast having visited often the past 5 or 6 years but it was our first time in Wiscasset. Elizabeth, a professor at a Boston university, bought along her two "children", Cash and Lark, two very friendly Belgium Tervuren sheep dogs. The days went by very slowly - Elizabeth and Mario didn't move much from their comfy armchairs and their books  - the weather was fairly nice and as we were on the water I found it quite relaxing and peaceful. Maybe too much for me as I dragged out two kayaks our first morning there and took Marie out into the river. At low tide the mud flats are exposed and people came down to dig for clams. We saw very few boats out on the water but its not hard in this part of the world to  be invisible with all the coves and hidden spots along the rocks. Wiscasset is known as the prettiest little town in Maine and is in the Guinness Book of Records as having the world's smallest church. It was a rainy day when we left and headed back up SR27 through the capital Augusta, and home. We stopped along the way to look at boats - Phil had expressed an interest in one day owning one with us and sailing up and down the east coast - and we pulled into our driveway just before dark. We will be going back down to the coast next month for a few days in the same area and this time will enjoy our once a year fresh lobster dinner. gws

Elizabeth, Marie , me and Lark


Lark and Cash contemplating whether or not to jump in

Low tide and clammers

Sheepscot River from Westport Island
Cash, Marie and Mario

Monday, August 4, 2014

Granby Zoo and Amazoo

Last Tuesday Marie and I drove out to Granby, two hours west of here, one hour east of Montreal, to meet up with Phil, Fer, Amy and William at the Granby Zoo. This is one of the biggest zoos in the area with over a 1000 different animals, 75 of which are on the endangered species. Next to the zoo is a wonderful water park (Amazon Iogo) and beside that a typical fairground with rides, bumper cars and everything else you might imagine. We spent the whole day exploring all three attractions and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, Amy most of all, but it was nice also to see Phil and Fer behave like kids again while we looked after her and William. I definitely recommend it to families or couples who want to get away for a day or two and just relax and have fun, the old fashioned way.  Bring your own food, snacks and drinks as it can get expensive if you purchase these items in the park, though there are some fast food places just outside the park entrance. Come early to get a good parking spot! gws

Let's have some fun!!! 

Cmon Grandpa, please try to keep up with me!

Cmon Grandpa! You're too slow!
Finally, she's not running!

Your turn Grandma!

Finally, I lost them!
I missed my nap, Grandpa!

No Amy, I can't make it go any faster!

Fer and Phil waiting to go on the Anaconda

Amy having fun

trying to win a stuffed animal for Amy

End of a long day

Goodbye William!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Visit of Phil, Fernanda, Amy and William

Last week Marie and I drove out to Sherbrooke to meet Phil and his family at one of our favorite restaurants for dinner, Buffet des Continents, stuffed ourselves as we usually do there, and then, as night approached, returned back to our place, just as it was getting dark. The next day was sunny and warm so we drove out to Baie des Sables, a half hour away and just outside of the town of Lac Megantic, and rented a pontoon boat for the morning. The lake was a bit choppy as the day was windy, but we had a good time together. It was actually the first time since we had moved out to this area that Marie and I had been out on Lac Megantic and were surprised how big it was. We tied up in Piopolis at the town marina there to stretch our legs and have a coffee before heading out again onto the water, and back to the Baie des Sables (Amy slept the whole way, sprawled out on the seat in her lifejacket) where we returned the boat. Later on in the afternoon after lunch I took Amy down to the beach where she paddled about with what seemed a million other kids. Then after a long, satisfying day it was time to head back to the house for a BBQ supper. We thoroughly enjoyed the visit of the kids but just wish it was more than once a year! gws
Amy , Buffet des Continents, Sherbrooke
                                                   pictures of our boating trip


town of Lac Megantic

Friday, August 1, 2014

Fun in Montreal for Lara's Birthday

We all had a wonderful day celebrating Lara's birthday this year in the Old Port of Montreal. The weather was hot and muggy when we all met up downtown at Terrasses Bonsecours on the waterfront. After a light lunch we strolled around the park, Amy, Marie and I going out on the small lake for a paddleboat ride. This was followed by ice cream and cold drinks to cool off among the throngs of people on Jacques-Cartier. Phil and Fer took William home by car and we went back with Amy on the Metro and bus - she loved it!  The next day we spent the afternoon with Lara and Joshua at their condo on Nuns Island, walking by the river while Joshua fell asleep in his stroller, before heading home. It was dark when we pulled into our driveway but we were happy to have spent another great weekend with our beautiful kids and grandchildren...gws


Amy in Mazda

Marie, Fernanda and William, Old Port

Terrasses Bonsecours

Marie and William
Lara, Joshua and Jesse, with Ernie

Joshua and Ernie


Birthday Girl

Amy and Grandpapa

Marie and Amy

Joshua, Jesse,and Lara on Jacques-Cartier

Sweet cheeks Joshua

Marie and Amy, on the bus home