Sunday, July 10, 2016

Our Retirement Home Part Forty-Five (Fireplace Stone)

and so I begin...

2x6 nailed on Durock where mantle will go

mantle ready to be stained

first level of scaffolding up

hmm. I need more height!

2nd level of scaffolding up

almost done

now the stepstool to finish!

the last piece!

finished view with picture hung and mantle inserted


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Phil and family surprise visit

This past weekend we were both surprised, pleasantly mind you, by the unexpected arrival of Phil and family. We were just finishing an episode of Downton Abbey, thinking of bed, the clock just west of ten, when we heard footsteps on the stairs and lo Phil appeared, sitting down beside us on the couch and grinning at our astonished faces! We had neither heard the car arrive at the front door nor Phil letting himself in downstairs. Naturally we were both happy to see everyone and proceeded to spend a busy and fun filled next two days. Although it was very hot and dry we managed to stay cool under the shade on the deck or down at the swimming hole. We spent Saturday afternoon at the annual village garage sale in Notre-Dame-des-Bois and the evenings by the fire till it got dark.
As I sat there watching the glowing embers, with William falling asleep on my lap and the night birds beginning to call I thought how lucky I was and what a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday!   gws



in celebration of Jeronimo Penagos Cobos