Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Retirement Home Part Twenty-Three (Main Ceiling and Fan)

The past two weeks Marie and I have been busy installing our ceiling fan and continuing to put up the wood panels from the peak down and in the front wall. For me it has been a endless cycle of measuring, cutting, staining and nailing, while Marie pushes and pulls the scaffolding around for me as I go back and forth. We purchased four wheels to go the bottom of the scaffold legs last time we were in Rona's and these have been a great assist in moving it to whatever spot I am working on. The ceiling fan, a Nextek DC powered fan, is finally up and waiting for the blades to be screwed on. Marie did all the electrical, installing the 12-24 volt speed controller and put the fan up herself - tomorrow we try it. She has become quite the little DIYer and feels quite comfortable tackling any new challenge. After many cuts with my new Dremel tool I built a little wooden cover over the plastic bracket it hangs from to match the ceiling and it looks quite good I think. After all this is done we are going to have our four day break and try to relax when we head back to the city later this month. Hopefully spring will have finally shown it's face when we return! gws

Typical sight in the mezzanine

Marie splicing wires for the fan

Installing fan bracket onto roof frame

Running wiring for the fan

almost done!

Fan awaiting the five blades

Detail of wall and ceiling

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

Marie and I spent this past Easter weekend in Montreal with the kids and grandkids, a nice break from the work on the house and an escape from the snow. The weather in the city was nice and I had a chance to go out to the small park near the duplex with Phil, Fer and Amy who is walking very well now and always a joy to be with. Lara and Joshua are doing well and he has grown quite a bit since we saw him a few weeks ago. He is a perfect little boy and I can see how happy Lara is with him in her life. Hopefully this will be the year she sells her house and she can enjoy this special time with her son. Meanwhile it is back to the snowy mountain for us and lots more work on the house in the coming weeks. A trip to Toronto is next in my plans for this month to visit with Richard and his grandkids - it's been years since I was there and am looking forward to seeing them all again soon! Hopefully when I return spring will really have sprung and the trees will be showing their first buds! Can't wait! gws