Saturday, March 25, 2017

Our Retirement Home Part Forty-Seven (Basement Bedroom)

We finished, at last, the basement bedroom in March and are now ready to start the final project in the house - the basement floor, walls and ceiling. This will be done this summer and by the time the next snow flies in late fall we should be able to celebrate 5 years of hard but rewarding labour. 

stone insulation between the electrical room and bedroom

putting up driwall



putting on floor

Irish Dance Recital

 The Young Academy of Irish Dance presented Homeland on February 27 at the Theatre du Grand Sault-Centre Culturel Henri Lemieux in Lasalle. The Academy, established in 2009, is open in 4 locations in Montreal and offers classes from 4 years old and up, where the kids participate in solo and team dances as well as performance choreography. Amy was one of the youngest performers of the evening and received a loud ovation for her energetic dancing with her small class of beginners, including the only boy, young blonde-haired Finn. We attended both shows and thoroughly enjoyed the almost four hours of Irish jigs, reels and traditional songs of Ireland.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Amy turns 5

Better late than never but here are a few pictures of us all celebrating Amy's 5th birthday! Seems we are going back and forth to Montreal more than normal these past few months and I haven't been on top of this blog. What with trying to finish the house, battling insane snow storms on the roads and preparing for our month long trip to Europe in April (and feeling under the weather for the longest time) I have had little energy to sit down in front of the laptop and compose any witty text. Joshua also celebrated a birthday recently as well back in Vancouver and we all miss him so much...As you can see by the photos Amy had a wonderful day and is growing into a beautiful, smart and loving little girl. Grandpapa loves you sweetie!  gws

Chemin Maxime, winter 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Marie - the big 6 zero

Celebrating the 39th anniversary of her 21st birthday... 

My beautiful wife Marie
....and grandkids!