Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Visit of César and Rosalia

We had a very nice visit from Rosalia and César Penagos this month, parents of Fernanda, who have been staying with Phil and Fer since the birth of grandson William. Last week they had bused down to Niagara Falls and then the weekend  of the 11-14th decided to come up and see us, taking the bus to Sherbrooke where we met them, before they returned to Mexico City on the 18th. Rosalia had never been out our way before and unfortunately had only been in Quebec during the cold winter months so she was pleasantly surprised by the change the summer makes here. The weather was beautiful, sunny but not too humid, although we had a bit of rain one late night that was gone by morning. Naturally we took them to Lac-Megantic one day, to Piopolis for a morning church service and then to breakfast the last day they were here to our local restaurant at the bottom of the hill. They thoroughly enjoyed their stay here and hopefully they can come back again one day. Hola comadre and compadre! gws

relaxing at our lake

strolling on Maxime

at the Piopolis marina

outside Piopolis church


visiting the site of the train derailment, Lac Megantic

breakfast, last day

Sherbrooke bus station

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Visit of Mario, Zoe and Adam

Marie writes...Eh bien....Mario, Zoe and Adam did come for their annual visit, although shorter than usual, only from July 2nd at supper to July 5th after breakfast.  Zoe, the nature lover and now 18, came equipped with her hammock-tent and quickly set it up in the woods next to the house.  She used her hatchet to cut down one of the dead cherry trees and helped Uncle Gary start a fire.  Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I did not get the usual chance to go for a hike with her this year and talk about plans and life in general:  she is knowledgeable and quite attuned to the environment.  She graduated from high school this year and his taking a year off before proceeding to College, where she has already been accepted.  Adam, the game addict and 14 years old, spent most of his time connected to the wi-fi playing games; on July 5th we went for breakfast at Le Resto du Domaine, which reopened this year after a year of being unoccupied, and he opened up and talked to me the most since he had arrived:  smart and bright 14 year old!  And of course, my brother Mario, how I miss him!!!  When we get together, I can really see we came from he same family:  his mannerism, his expressions; I so enjoy my short time with him, talking about everything and nothing, his smile and his banter.  He is very happy these days!  He has a new girlfriend, Elizabeth, who is very outgoing, smart and no-nonsense type of person:  exactly the type of person he needed in his life.  He also has a new position as Senior Data Scientist at EMC Corporation, an international company, which he appears to be enjoying.  Je t'aime beaucoup mon beau!!!  gws

Gary relaxing with Zoe and talking about the various authors they both have read or are reading.

Adam, me and Zoe.  Zoe's bike at the back of Mario's car:  Zoe had to go buy parts in Lac Mégantic to replace a tube and a tire that had totally disintegrated with much use.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Walk Through the Woods

This past week, in humid and hot weather, I finished installing a path between the stairs from the driveway up to the house, constructing it out of 4x4 treated wood and crushed stone. I tried to follow the curving path as much as possible wherever the underlying rock permitted and made the climb as gradual as the slope allowed. At the bottom where the ditch runs in the wet season I built a small bridge of 2x6 treated planks after moving two very large rocks with the old tried and true method of fulcrum and lever. We had been slipping and sliding the past two winters over rocks and half buried cement building blocks I had temporarily put in and slogging in the mud in the spring over the septic field and down into the driveway. It was unsafe to say the least when icy and as we were going to start having more visitors here it was time to bite the bullet and make the walk up to the house a little more manageable and pleasant. I painted the cut ends with a green preservative and will eventually stain or paint the wood to match the house and deck. All told the cost was less than $150. Yes the beer was delicious afterwards.  gws

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Visit of Richard & Rose

in front of Ste Agnes Church, Lac Megantic
looking at the 'new' downtown from exact spot of train derailment
Rose and Marie
getting ready for 1st Anniversary ceremony, July 6th, 2014

Hommage aux 47 disparus du 6 juillet, 2013

fire stations that have come to the call, from USA and Canada

morning on our deck

Rose and Rich and motor-home at the restaurant, Domaine des Appalaches, ready to head out to Ottawa

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

William Antonio Penagos-Steward

getting ready for the arrival of little brother William
happy Grandpa' s and Mum -to -be
driving to the hospital

off to day care with Grandmamas

happy Grandpapa with new grandson

Grandmama and William

Christina and William

Fernanda, William and Amy

Marie outside Victoria Hospital

holding my new grandson

happy Papa and son

first sleeper!

Lara, Joshua and Amy


leaving the hospital with their bundle of joy

Lara, William, Marie and Joshua