Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First day home!

Yesterday Rocio and I picked up Amy and her happy Mom and Dad at the Royal Victoria Hospital, bundled her up from the cold, settled her snuggly into in her new car seat and headed out for a 15 minute ride home and her new life in the big city. What a beautiful little girl she is and what a wonderful family she has blessed with her presence. Just before leaving the hospital she opened her eyes for her papa who took this beautiful shot:

That evening we toasted our little princess and wished her a long and healthy life! Welcome home Amy!


...the beginning of all things, hope, a dream of possibilities....gws

Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Little Princess

Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal
After a long labor and little results Fernanda and Phil decided to go ahead with their doctors recommendation of performing a c-section to deliver Amy on Saturday afternoon, January 28th. Phil was present to film the procedure, with all of the family anxiously awaiting a few feet away, each with their thoughts and prayers for mother and child, and shortly after 4.30 pm their beautiful daughter Amy was presented to the world. How relieved and happy we all were for them both as the long hours waiting at the hospital were finally rewarded! It was a joyful and emotional moment when the proud papa came out grinning to present the news! Thank God for such a perfect little girl! Much thanks must again go to the staff at the Royal Vic, always very professional and understanding, who helped make the six days as comfortable and easy as possible for everyone, and ensured Fer and Amy were well cared for. And what a wonderful feeling it was for me when I first held my granddaughter in my arms!! Today Fernanda, who is recovering and in great health, brings Amy home - such a change will come over this old place of brick, mortar and wood when her cries and laughter begin to fill a void so long empty! Thanks to everyone who sent kind and encouraging words this past month and, as you can see from the pictures, we have all been blessed.  gws


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome to the Penagos Family

Fer, Cesar & Rosalia, Mont Royal Cemetary

Last weekend we had the pleasure again to welcome Fernanda's parents, Rosalia and Cesar, to our home. They took the red eye from Mexico City, arriving very early into Pierre Trudeau, happy to be here in Montreal to wait for the birth of Amy, their first grand daughter. They will be here till March - hopefully the weather will not be too cold for them! This is the second time they have come in the winter so they have not had the opportunity to experience the wonderful summers that this area is known for. This morning Rocio also flew up to spend a week, arriving just in time for the big day, only hours away now! gws

Cesar, downtown bar, Montreal

Rocio & Rosalia
Marie, wine & painting evening

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


2012 has certainly started out to be a very busy year for us here in Quebec! Marie and I spent a very fun-filled New Years Eve with Christina, Patrick and his family in Casselman, Ontario, about an hour and a half west of Montreal. Marie especially enjoyed Super Dance 3 on their new XBox and huge TV! After a great breakfast prepared by Patrick the following morning we returned home to the city, an unusually warm and pleasant one for the first of the new year.

dancing fools

Patrick & Christina

me snugglin with Sara & Isabelle

New Years Eve, 2012

 We immediately resumed where we had left off a few days before - helping Phil and Fer finish renovating the duplex basement. For the next two weeks we put in long hours painting, tiling and installing the finishing touches to what has become a real labour of love for Phil, as well as the opportunity to show off what he does the best - working with his hands. It is hard to believe what that space looked like a year ago, having changed little from the dark, dirty warren of bricked off walls and dangling electrical cables and rusty water pipes of the late 1920`s. But with a sledge hammer, reciprocating saw and lots of muscle one can do wonders! Phil did all the plumbing, electrical and put up the new walls, helped along by Fernanda...and Amy. My job was the painting, trim and toilet and I think we are all happy with the results:
Fer cutting studs

Phil & Fer running wires
Fer painting doors

Phil putting in electrical boxes

ceiling insulation ready to go in

driwall is up and patched!

me & Phil painting - check out the old beams!

Marie, always dangerous with a brush!

Phil laying carpet tile

baseboard's in and server cabinet in place

planning tile arrangement for bathroom

almost done - computer desks in place!

little bathroom ready for use!

 Marie meanwhile finished the last few days of her leave from the government, transitioning into full blown retirement on the 14th! Fernanda has also kept busy, growing bigger each day as she awaits the birth of Amy at the end of the month as well as preparing for the arrival of her parents from Mexico City on the 20th. Marie, Lara and one of Fer's friends, Monica, threw a baby shower in our home on the 15th, with over 20 people and children in attendance. It was nice to see so many people only a day after the season`s first major snowfall!

Diana and Fernanda

Lara & Fernanda


happy parents-to-be!

little Alex

Pat & Chris

Rafa & Pilar

ooooh look!


Naturally we are growing more excited as the big day approaches, yet our thoughts often turn to little Patrick who we all dearly wish was here with us to welcome his sister. But all is ready here and we now wait expectantly...Hopefully everyone survived New Years and are diligently adhering to those resolutions! I should have wonderful news to report in a very short time! gws