Friday, August 18, 2017

A week with my brother Rich

 Richard drove up from Guelph this month to spend a week relaxing on the mountain, the first time we had seen him in a few years. The weather was perfect for his stay and we had a chance to do a lot of walking and visiting local sites. We all went out to celebrate our anniversary at Mange Ta Main restaurant in Lac Megantic, Richard treating us to a very tasty lunch and bottle of wine. The time flew by while he was here and we didn't do all we had wanted to but he has promised to return in the fall to help me cut some trees and keep the firepit stoked. Miss you bro!   gws

Lac des Canards, Domaine des Appalaches

hiking in Piopolis

Piopolis, inside the Papal Zouaves house

Lac Megantic

Marie and Rich, Baie des Sables, Lac Megantic

cheers! our 28th wedding anniversary

Rich washing his Bimmer

coming down our drive, heading back to Ontario