Thursday, June 18, 2009


I know, I know, it's been almost a month, 1/12 of a year since I blogged but who reads this anyway? Where is everyone? I know this isn't exactly Pulitizer prize stuff but it would be nice if more earthlings would drop in for a visit. Maybe I should show naked people or cute little puppy dogs! Hey come to think of it I do! No matter - I am going to continue with this for a while longer yet. Nothing much has happened since last I made an entry - living in the armpit of Canada doesn't help. Anyway I am heading out to the property tomorrow for a few weeks to do some work on the cabin, trucks and van, some landscaping and smell some fresh air for a while and get away from sirens 24-7 outside my window rushing to save yet another druggie on the street below. Hey and I see someone finally had the balls to put up a sign outside the daycare next door to stop the laziest people in the universe letting their dogs shit all over the grass two feet away from where the kids play. Maybe it was finally because of the guy with the Labrador who lives in our condo. Who the hell would have a dog that big here??? Muffy had a poodle cut this week and looks, well like a poodle again. She'll be coming with me. Christina usually looks after her when we go away but I think Muff needs a break as well. Marie will be coming out next week by Greyhound bus - don't sit in the back seat -and we'll celebrate my birthday, then head down to Maine for a few days. Have to pick up some stuff - a Honda generator for one (which by the way you crooks in Ottawa should know I can get the same thing in Maine for $600 less and that's after duties, exchange, taxes, etc.) I would rather support my southern neighbours who show more interest, are more polite and always make you feel welcome when you shop there. Wot's with this country anyway? Can't move around this city for demonstrations - Tamils, Iranians, you name it. All want us to stop the fighting in their country - but if they are so concerned why are they here? Get on a plane and do something useful for your country and for crying out loud quit calling it your country if you have taken up Canadian citizenship - this is your country!!!....We watched the movie Dogville yesterday. A masterpiece so if you haven't seen it watch the video clip here and then rush out and rent it. Kidman should have got an Oscar...Till I return from the front, have a great two more days of spring and a better summer. Hmm. I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June...anyway happy Father's day to all! And happy Birthday Mom - I love you! gws