Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our Retirement Home Part Thirty-Four (Entranceway Stairs)

I built the front entranceway stairs this past week during our late but welcome Indian summer (where we had temperatures every day in the mid 20's) - installing six step metal stringers, 60" treated wood steps and railings to match those around the deck. We have enough kindling now to last the winter using the wood from the temporary stairs that have been there two years and the house looks almost finished. We are next getting more crushed rock to finish the front and north side of the house to eliminate the mud and sand that accumulates in wet weather. It hasn't rained here in weeks so I had a chance to finish quite a few outside jobs before the cold weather arrives - and it will. Hunting season is on us now but it is fairly quiet on the mountain at the moment, and except for the sound of falling leaves, very peaceful. Hard to imagine the horrors around the world happening every day when I stand in the woods and look out over the rolling hills. We are so blessed to live where we do that we often forget how lucky we are.  gws

Flimsy and ugly temporary stairs
6x6 blocks on patio stones which will be under crushed rock

Stringers on, laying steps

One more to go... check the level

putting up posts for railing

Professional job!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our Retirement Home Part Thirty-Three (Master Bathroom Part 5)

Marie and I finally finished the upstairs bathroom, installing the toilet, bath, sinks and shower, lights and mirrors. The plumbing was tricky but we managed to persevere and have no leaks.. yet. Drilling holes in the porcelain tile for the cabinets, sinks, towel holders, shower frames for the glass doors, etc was a challenge and only diamond tipped bits would do the job. I ordered a few different sizes from a company in the US at a much more reasonable price than I could ever have got here and with patience, gentle pressure and lots of water managed to not break any tiles. The cabinet with the two sinks and marble top is heavy and we secured it to the wall with 4 inch bolts and two metal brackets. All the lights are in, one over the bath, four over the sinks, and two spots above the toilet and shower area. With the open concept and the skylight there really is no need to turn on the lights except after dark. Marie picked out the towels and mats and all the knick knacks so it has her touch throughout. Now we are working on the bedroom and hope to have it done by Christmas! It will be a nice present for us both. Meantime enjoy the color of fall - we are!   gws